Palindrome Anniversary!

Palindrome Anniversary!

This past weekend was my parents’ 56th anniversary—56th!   You read that right!  So that certainly called for a special card.    I had in mind that I wanted a card with the their actual wedding date–June 11th, 1960.   Now, I have been making them anniversary cards for a few years now and I certainly have KNOWN their anniversary!  BUT–it wasn’t until I was creating this card that I realized their anniversary date was a palindrome?  That means it is the same forward as backwards—like ‘civic’ and ‘kayak’.   Truth is, I don’t know if dates can be palindromes but I am going with it!

Here is the card:(Side note: this card actually has 3 color blues on it….as homage to the fact that my parents at one time had a different color blue on every side of their 4 sided house…..but that is another story!)

blog 6:16:16

Turns out, THEY never knew about this palindrome thing either!  If they had, I bet their wedding invites would have looked a lot like this!   Or at least their “Save the Date” cards….like anybody needed a card to remember to save the date in 1960….

I also found out this weekend that this date is the date on the iconic Norman Rockwell wedding license picture!


So you can see, it was a match made in heaven—or at least in Olneyville, RI!

If you too, would like to make a date card, you can check out Large Number Framelits and Number of Years stamp set I used.

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