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Early Release Goodies!


I know!!! So many great things ahead! But you don’t have to wait! If you are interested in getting these new products now, head on over here to order them now. I can tell you that this pack of Designer Paper is exceptional! Stunning!!



Pink Lemons are REAL!

Pink Lemons are REAL!

Hey–Did you have a good summer? I mean, the summer that was 2 days long last week? Well, welcome back to spring!

Check out this “summer” card I made during the summer that was last week:savingPNG.PNG-5

Did you know there is really something known as a Pink Lemon?  I always thought I was being funny when I said,  “Pink lemonade comes from pink lemons!”.   Truth it–it DOES!   (Probably not, actually!   My Pink Lemonade comes from Stop & Shop–but it COULD come from Pink Lemons. )  Check them out here.

You are probably wondering what the Calypso Coral drink is.   NOT grapefruit….Or it would be stamped with Grapefruit Grove (coming to your stamp room in June, 2018!).  It is Peach Sangria.   (I made that up but it could be!!)

In any case, this is a perfectly easy summer card that uses exactly 1 stamp set, A Good Day!

145873GAND –Good news!  It has matching punches!!!     I used the 1″ circle punch and the new scallop punch!

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In The Trees

In The Trees

So much happening at Stampin’ Up!

Today is the first day that you can order the Share What You Love bundles! These bundles are made up of great new products in the 2018-19 Annual catalog that will go live on June 1st—but you can get your hands on some of these great products even sooner! Take a look at this video below to see what you can get:

But I also want to let you know that there are some FINE stamp sets that are retiring soon….and I don’t want you to miss out.

One of the most overlooked stamp sets in the Occasions catalog is In the Trees.   I know–you missed it, right?   Well I am here to show you how fun this set is and how for $16, you can’t go wrong.


I have made a little video to show you just how quickly this card comes together.   Enjoy:

(I am not kidding when I tell you my sister’s family would camp like that. Who needs a tent when you have a couple trees and some hammocks?!)

In any case, if you are interested in anything you saw here today or have any questions at all, head over to my website where you can order or contact me for more information.

Let me know if you are a one or a two hammock family!!

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Berry Bowl Basics

Berry Bowl Basics

In my last blog post, I was telling you all about the fantastic little Fruit Basket bundle.

A-Door-A-Ble!!!!   As I mentioned here, the punches are the best!   They are “easy to use and hard to lose!!” Well, I am not done telling you about it yet!

Here is another card I made with this little bundle:


I know!!   Adorable little strawberries!!!   So here are some things that might help you to recreate this card:

I added just a little swish of Smokey Slate (using Aquapainter and ink) to anchor the bowl.  And–are you sitting down?–I fussy cut (!) the bowl.   Honestly, it wasn’t bad.  (I NEVER fussy cut so that should be a gauge for you to know that it really isn’t awful OR time consuming!).

Now,–the difficult part of sets like this where you need to “contain” something  (like fruit in a bowl) is making sure the said item (in this case, strawberries) are actually contained.  There are different ways of doing this.  This is how I did it:  I punched out all of my strawberries and made sure they fit IN the bowl.   (“Masking” is also an option but, frankly, if you have a punch, this is easier!).   I wanted dimension so that it really looked like a bowl FULL of strawberries, so this is how I accomplished that:


(I know–it is a weird angle!)  I actually worked from the bowl backwards, adhering three strawberries right against the bowl –sticking out in different directions .  Then I added dimensionals  BEHIND that layer and stuck more punched strawberries to that.   And there you go!


One final strawberry on the outside of the bowl and done!!—And, the good folks at Stampin’ Up! made sure that our Mini Dimensionals fit perfectly on the backside of the strawberries!  (and citrus, and pears, and pineapples!)

Did I mention this bundle is retiring???  I am in love with how fun this bundle is to use.   It is perfect for so many fun summertime cards….but it won’t be for sale in the summer.   So you best get it now!

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Easy to Use! Hard to Lose!


Today is the Boston Marathon.   It is nasty out!  Rainy, windy, and cold.   I have never run a marathon (true story) and I know that “watching weather” and “running weather” are not often the same thing.   However, I can’t imagine this weather today is ideal for anyone!

That said, “nasty weather” is sort of ideal for crafters!   For some reason, I am most happy crafting on lousy days.   So if you are like minded, here is some inspiration for you:


I know you know that that the Retiring List of items from the Occasions and Annual Catalog came out last week.   If you don’t know, now you know (click here).   On this list is this fantastic little bundle.


My clubs this month will be using this set so I have had the chance to lots of creating using this bundle.   I LOVE this bundle.   First of all, it comes with PUNCHES—-“LAAAAAAAAAA” (the sound of craft angels singing!).  LOVE punches–easy to use and hard to lose! (That should be the tag line for punches!!  You are welcome, Tag Line Maker Uppers!)   AND–the punches (4 in total) are called Itty Bitty Fruit Punch Pack–You had me at “Itty Bitty”!!   SO cute!!!

Check out this video here:

I chose to punch out the pineapples but could have just stamped them on the cardstock and left them flat. I wanted dimension here though. Check this out:

Look at those adorable pineapples!!!   Get this—the new(ish) Mini Dimensionals fit on these pineapples -and strawberries, pears, and citrus slices-PERFECTLY!  Well done, Punch Designers!

There will be more posts coming with this little bundle. I don’t want anyone to miss out on getting it so act quickly.  The stamp set is available until May 25th but if these cute punches sell out, you are out of luck…..and you DON’T want to fussy cut tiny fruit…..Let’s face it: you don’t want to fussy cut ANYTHING–or is that just me?!

In any case, get yourself over to my website and order this bundle asap.
(If you order from my site using this code(9ARBTWBN) you will receive a set of handmade cards from me. Club members, please use the code provided in your emails.)

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or need any supplies.

Now go have a marathon crafting day!

Color Revamp and what to do when your favorite retires!

Color Revamp and what to do when your favorite retires!


Wow!  Wow! WOW!!!!

I have seen the future (catalog) and it is good!!!   I was at the Stampin’ Up! Onstage this weekend in Hartford, CT where the new annual catalog was unveiled.  The catalog will go live on June 1st.   I don’t want to tease you but it is GOOD!!   Probably the biggest news of the day was the Color Revamp.   Stampin’ Up! promised us years ago to stay current with color trends and as such, they would revise colors every few years.   This is the year!   They are adding some stunning and fun colors that will make creating that much better.   But to make room for the new, they are retiring some colors who have had their day in the sun but it is time to head off to Ink Pad Retirement Land.

We have all had that friend who was ready to retire but we weren’t ready for them to go. Well–I am here to tell you–to warn you, really–that if you have a friend retiring, you have to act quickly!   You MUST go to my website   immediately and order the ink REFILL and Paper Packs of your favorites.  They WILL sell out!   If  you are not a club member of mine, please use the hostess code:  9ARBTWBN.

All online orders using this code will receive a package of 5 hand stamped cards from me.  (If you are a club member, check your email for the hostess code that applies to your club).

Colors are not the only things retiring!   To see the list of everything retiring , check it out here Please note that stamp sets will be available until May 25th but everything else is “as supplies last” (read:   Git it ordered NOW!).


Donut Despair

Donut Despair

Mother Nature is at it again!  Spring began yesterday and we here in New England are waiting for our 4th Nor’Easter in 3 weeks.   SOOOOOO done with this!   But apparently it is not done with us!

Ah well…

Donut Despair!   Haha!IMG_7697

I made this card a few weeks ago.   I was going for the look of a box of donuts….Sort of like the Krispy Kreme ones that you can see into and anticipate the treats inside!.


This is the inside of the card:


There are several reasons I love this card.

A.   The theme is “Celebrate the Good Stuff”!   Good stuff CAN be birthdays but is not limited to that.  There is “Good Stuff” every day.   Celebrate it! (Greeting can be found in this great stamp set  here.)

b.   Even those of you who might not like donuts, certainly like the IDEA of donuts.   Donuts=Happy!  ‘Specially these!  These are the no calorie kind found in the Picture Perfect Party Paper.  This is an actual photograph of some delicious looking donuts!

C.   You donut  have to write much at all on the inside of this card (See what I did there?!)  ….because there is no room– it is full of donuts.

One more fun thing about this card is that the rectangle cut out on the front of the card is from the Barn Door Framelits!  It is actually the door cut out.  Who knew?!


*I decided to put the “frame” of the cut out on an angle but if you are not an angle type, no worries.   You can just as easily put that straight.

*You need to emboss the greeting on the velum paper.   I used Espresso ink and clear embossing powder.

Thanks for stopping by.   Let me know if I can help you out with any supplies you might need!

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Pi Day Card!!

Pi Day Card!!

First of all, if you live in NE, congrats for surviving one more Nor’easter.   I have some inside info that tells me there MIGHT be 2 more coming before the end of the month.  Let’s put that right out of our minds and talk about good stuff:  CARDS!!

Today is National Pi Day.   It is a real thing.  Math Geeks Unite!   Actually, I am not a math geek….or even a math fan!  But I do like me some pie!

I have a nephew who LOVES pie.   He doesn’t like pie—He LOOOOOOOOVES Pie!  If pie is being served, he needs an entire one–not a piece!

Well, yesterday, during the storm (we shoveled a total of 6(!) times! #lastfamilyinnewenglandwithoutasnowblower  ), I realized that TODAY is Pi Day (3.14!).   I know this thought came to me about 2 weeks too late for you to take advantage of this info but I thought I would make a video for you today.   It is never too late to know some tricks for making a Pi(e) card!


(I apologize that my camera view wasn’t ideal.   I will do better next time.)

The video really explains the card but I wanted to give you this tip:  Spritz your cardstock before embossing!  This is not new news.   Stampin’ Up! recommended this to us when they first released Dynamic Embossing Folders.   But I am sometimes a lazy crafter and didn’t really see the need for it.   But let me tell you , after my research–I am a changed crafter!!   I will forever more spritz my cardstock.   Check out this difference:


Thanks for stopping by. I hope your day includes pie!
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Key Hole Fold Tutorial

Key Hole Fold Tutorial

I did it again!  I made another video.  This was a whim.  I had no intention of doing this when I woke up this morning so don’t judge me, please.

A few months ago, I got to attend the  Stampin’ Up! Onstage Local in Salt Lake City.   It was back in November and Sara Douglas was introducing some Valentine cards she had made.   One of them had this great pop out heart feature and I knew I was going to find a way to make my own.

The thing is, I didn’t necessarily want it for a Valentine card.  So I found a way to make this card work for a more generic card.  Sara’s original, I believe, was made using a notecard.

It is not that I am a perfectionist but I thought this card would work best if the focal  image was in the center of the card.  In order to do this with the punch I was using, I would need to adjust the size of the card.    I did a little math to figure out that if the  front of my card was 5 1/2 x 3 1/4″, the Classic Label Punch would work perfectly to  punch a hole in the center of the card.   So here is what I did:

This past month, the members of my card clubs have been making this very card.   By mistake (at least I think it was a mistake), one of my members punched the punch off center…..and it looked great!  In fact, if that had happened earlier in the month, I would have suggested that to everyone!  There is no need for a butterfly image to be centered when the entire card front is a floral pattern!   And because the hole can be punched off center, you would NOT need to have this odd sized card!  You could go with a standard 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ card front!

So while you CAN go with the measurements I give in the video, you don’t need to.   Give it a shot and see what kind of images you can find to work with for this fun fold!

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Celebrating the Good Stuff!

Celebrating the Good Stuff!

This is a quick post today.   One of my favorite suites in the Occasions Catalog is the Picture Perfect Party suite.CM201023B

It is so fresh.  And the stamp set Picture Perfect Birthday has the best greetings:


This year, I am all about “celebrate the good stuff”–not just birthdays.   There is good stuff all around us.   If we are looking to celebrate it, we are going to notice it more!

Also, who says confetti is saved for birthdays?   And noise makers!  Who says you can’t use them just because??   Not I!

Here is a here is a card to “celebrate the good stuff”–whatever your “good stuff” might be!  My favorite way to make anything on a card “pop” is to layer it on some black cardstock.   I think it worked here:


Those sequins you see there are the terrific new ADHESIVE BACKED sequins from the “Tutti Frutti” suite.   Who says you can’t mix suites?!

Thanks for stopping by.   Let me know if you need any supplies to celebrate your good stuff!