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Check out THESE deals from Stampin’ Up!

Check out THESE deals from Stampin’ Up!


Happy Day!!  Stampin’ Up! has added a bunch of goodies to the Clearance Rack.  You can find that right here.

They won’t last so grab the goodies you need ASAP!

More good news!  Stampin’ Up! is offering Paper Pumpkin, a monthly craft kit , at 1/2 off for the month of September!!


The kit includes everything you need! All you need is about a 1/2 hour to complete it!
I have friends who buy several kits and then get together for a “Girls’ Night Out” to complete it. I also have friends who purchase kits for grandchildren or friends who live far away and Facetime while working on their kits “together”.
Some people prefer to order the kits for themselves and have a little “me” time. Regardless, now is the time to subscribe to take advantage of this deal.

While I don’t know what the kit will be (always a surprise), I suspect it will be festive.

Contact me for more info or head on over to my website to sign up for your Paper Pumpking (don’t forget the HALFOFF0917 Code!)


Paper Pumpkin Flash Sale!

Paper Pumpkin Flash Sale!

Don’t wait!  This is one SHORT sale!  New Paper Pumpkin subscribers will get their first kit for $5!!!!!   That is 75% off!!!   To be a “new ” subscriber, you need a new email when you sign up.   Go visit paperpumpkin.com from June 29 at 11:59 PM to June 30 at 11:59 PM and use promo code ONEDAY0717 to get your first kit at this incredible price. You  can keep the creativity coming after that for only $19.95 USD/$26.95 CAD per month (shipping included).  You can cancel at any time.   Don’t forget to list me as your demonstrator.



Just a few more hours …..


And this pumpkin is going to turn into…..the regular price!

The $5 Paper Pumpkin deal is almost over.


I have had a few of you ask about it.  THis is kit that you receive once a month that includes EVERYTHING~  Paper , ink, stamps-EVERYTHING along with directions to make the project.   There is also a online video if you prefer to watch instead of read (no judgement!).

We don’t know what the projects will be from month to month but they are usually timely.   The kit takes about a 1/2 to complete if you do it all at once.

Right now, until tonight, you can order your first month for only $5!!   After that, the price will be $19.95/month.  You can cancel at any time so you have NOTHING to lose!

So–to get started, go here.   Once you have entered your info, just please add me (Betty Saccocia) as your demonstrator.

IF you have received Paper Pumpkin before, know it has gotten better!  If you would like to try it again, simply use a different email address to be considered a new customer.

THIS DEAL ENDS AT 9:50 (Eastern) so don’t delay!  You know you are going to get distracted on Pinterest after dinner so go now!!!  You won’t regret it!

Paper Pumpkin Mega Deal!

Paper Pumpkin Mega Deal!


That is right–$5! You have nothing to lose! You will receive an all inclusive kit that contains paper, ink and stamps, along with all the other supplies you need to complete the project. There are directions and access to an online video as well.

If you like what you see, you can continue receiveing Paper Pumpkin monthly. (Beginning next month, the regular fee of $19.95 will apply). You can cancel at any time so –really–you have nothing to lose! Give it a try!
(This is for new subscribers only).

Click here and don’t forget to add me (Betty Saccocia) as your demonstrator when you are filling out your info.

This deal begins Thursday June 9th at 7 PM (Eastern) and only runs until Friday 11:50 PM. Don’t miss out!

Only a week left!

Only a week left!


I know–I know!  You are looking for a sample.   Well–NOT today, friend!   I promise you I have lots to share!  (I have participated in a few swaps recently and –can i just say, I have very talented friends!) As soon as I get a mnute—or an hour, really, I am going to photograph all the great creations I have been hoarding and share with you.   BUT–as you know, this is Labor Day Weekend!   This is the last unofficial weekend of the summer —and lucky me!  I live in a town where school doesn’t start until after Labor Day–as it should be!   SO–I am running around trying to do everything I thought I would do all summer–in 3 days.   So no time for photographing.

BUT–that said–I don’t want you to miss out!  I got to preview the September Paper Pumpkin at the convention this summer and it is GOOD!!!!   Of course that is only my opinion—but if you continue to read my blog, you probably have similar taste to mine and I think you will like it too!!

Here is the deal–Paper Pumpkin in 1/2 price for 2 months if you order it here by Sept 10th!   Paper Pumpkin is an all inclusive craft kit–it comes with EVERYTHING–in one compact box.  That means it is great for those on the go, those who are home, those who are waiting around for something, those who are avoiding doing something else, —you get the idea!   I think this would be perfect for a new mom, a college student, a friend, sister, a friend’s sister!   ANYBODY, really!   And at 1/2 price, what have you got to lose???

So get yours ordered now and don’t miss out.    AND then go finish doing everything on your summer bucket list.  Git!  Time is a tickin”!

For details and to order, click here.

(This offer is valid for new  monthly subscriptions only.   )

1/2 Priced Paper Pumpkin–TODAY!

1/2 Priced Paper Pumpkin–TODAY!

I know, I know!  I have been a negligent blogger.  If it helps, let me tell you that it is not only my blog I have been neglecting—I have also been a negligent cleaner, corresponder,  and gardener, just to name a few.

I returned home from the Stampin’ Up! Convention a couple of weeks ago and was on a ROLL to get things accomplished.   Somehow, however, my plans got waylay-ed by lots of other “shtuff “.

I wanted to let you know, if you haven’t already received it, your new Stampin’ Up! Holiday catalog (Hand Made Holidays) should be arriving at your doorstep any day now.  If you don’t get it, please, please leave me a comment or contact me and I will make sure to get you one.

There are so many fantastic new products to keep you busy all fall!   I labored over what to order first and what could wait.    It was not easy!   Perhaps, just perhaps, I went a bit overboard on what I needed FIRST.   Ah well–occupational hazard.   In any case, my order should be in shortly and I will have lots to play  work with to create samples for upcoming events.   Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I need to tell you about this promotion that you DON’T want to miss.  Perhaps you have heard of Paper Pumpkin?  Perhaps not.  Perhaps you got it at one time but no longer receive it?   Listen up—I have seen the next 2 months and I think you are going to  be pleased!!!   And what will be  even more pleasing to you is that the first 2 months (month to month subscriptions only) are 1/2 price when you sign up before September 10th—-BUT don’t wait that long!   If you sign up today (August 10th), you will be sure to receive the August kit (in the next week and a half or so) as your first month.   Did I mention it was GOOD?   (Right, I did).


How do I do this, Betty?

Glad you asked–go here.  AND be sure to enter the code: HALFOFF.


Note:  this is for new subscribers–so this might be the time you want to sign up your sister, daughter, mother, son, or husband—-You get the idea!  In order to be new subscriber–you will need a new email.

Once you fall in love with the first 2 months, you might want to do a 3 or 6 month  prepaid subscription –be we can talk about that later.  For now–go sign up (and please list me as your demonstrator–THANKS!).  You won’t be sorry!